Workman celebrates Natural History Museum progress

Natural History Museum Updates
June 19, 2023

Workman Partners John Laundon and Matthew Pateman attended the Annual Trustees’ Dinner at the Natural History Museum where they listened to an address from Sir Patrick Vallance, the Museum’s new Chair of Trustees.

Sir Patrick highlighted the Museum’s leading research into the rapidly changing biodiversity of our planet, and the urgent need for immediate action to make an impact on the rapidly weakening resilience of the ecosystems on which we all rely.

Thanking the Trustees for their continued support, Sir Patrick said: “The Natural History Museum is not only a pioneering centre for global research, it has a national and international role in telling the stories of the natural world and inspiring our 5 million-plus visitors each year. Thank you for your continued support and involvement with the Museum. Together we can take action to conserve biodiversity and secure a future where people and planet thrive.”

As a proud sponsor of the Natural History Museum’s Urban Nature Project, Workman LLP features in the Museum’s Annual Review, which states: “Property Management and Building Consultancy firm Workman LLP continued to support our Urban Nature Project, using it as a platform to communicate the importance of urban biodiversity and encouraging action to protect it.”

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